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Political Thoughts

Taqiuddin an-Nabhani

Hizb ut Tahrir
1420 AH - 1999 CE

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Political Thought


Political Concepts

Politics is the Art of Possibilities

Politics and International Politics

Understanding the International Situation

The International Community,its Norms & Laws

Political Thinking

Political Awareness

Political Struggle

Political Actions

Political Experience

Involvement in Politics is an Obligation Upon Muslims

The Statesman

The Political Medium


Ruling in Islam

The Ruling System in Islam is One of Unity and is Not Federal
The Public Responsibilities

Detachment between the Ummah & the State, & the Obligation of Accounting

Establishing Political Parties is a Fard Kifayah

How can Individuals & Parties Influence International Politics & the States direction?

Democracy is a System of Kufr

The Political Issue for the Ummah and the Islamic State

The Vital Issue


Politics means the taking care of the affairs of the Ummah internally and externally; it is performed by the State and the Ummah. The State handles this taking care (of the Ummah’s affairs) practically, and the Ummah accounts the State (re it’s performance).

Ever since the Khilafah was destroyed and Kufr political systems were applied in the Islamic lands, Islam ceased to be political. In it’s place came Western political thought established upon the Capitalist doctrine, a doctrine that detaches religion from life. What must be clearly understood by the Muslim Ummah is that taking care of the affairs by Islam cannot happen without the Khilafah and that separating political Islam from life and from the deen means eradicating Islam, it’s systems and rules and the wiping out of the Ummah, her values, civilisation and message.

The capitalist states adopt the doctrine of detaching the deen from life and politics, and they work actively to spread this doctrine and establish it’s rules upon the Muslim Ummah. They also work to mislead the Ummah and convince her that politics and the deen do not mix, and that politics means realism and being content with the current situation and the impossibility of changing it. All this is to ensure that the Ummah remains under the yoke of the states of Kufr, oppression and tyranny, and unable to envisage the path for revival. In addition they work to alienate Muslims from the Islamic political groups and from involvement in politics. This is because the Kufr states know that there is no way to strike against the West’s political thoughts and rules except by political action and by being involved in politics on the basis of Islam.

This campaign to alienate the Muslims from politics and politicians has reached the extent of depicting politics as contradictory to the greatness and spirituality of Islam. Therefore, the Ummah has to understand the secret behind the war fought by the infidel states and the puppet rulers against the Islamicgroups, who are working to revive the Muslims by establishing the Khilafah State, fighting the Kufr thoughts and restoring the glory of Islam.

Therefore, it is a must that the Muslim Ummah understands clearly the meaning of politics linguistically and in Shari’ah, and that political Islam cannot exist without the Khilafah State. Without it, Islam ceases to be political. Nor can it be considered alive except when this State in it’s capacity as an executive political entity implements and executes the Islamic rules. This is the Shari’ah method by which the Islamic rules and systems are executed in the public life. They have also to know that Allah (swt) has obliged the Ummah to implement these rules, and forbade arbitration to Kufr systems due to their contradiction with Islam and as they are man-made.

Therefore, it is necessary to culture the Ummah with the Islamic culture and to continually inject her with the Islamic political thoughts and rules and explain how these thoughts and rules emanate from the Islamic Aqeedah in it’s capacity as a political thought. It is also necessary to concentrate this culture from it’s spiritual aspect in it’s capacity as the commands and prohibitions of Allah (swt) without reference to any other consideration. This spiritual aspect will guarantee the strength of the Islamic thoughts and rules within the souls, and manifest the meaning of politics and political thought to the Ummah, such that she perceives the responsibility placed on her shoulder to initiate the Islamic thoughts and rules in practical life, and the importance of the universal message that Allah (swt) obliged her to carry to the world. This is particularly important as she sees the level she has reached in the present time, due to the disappearance of the Islamic state and the thoughts and rules of Islam from her life, and the level which the world has sunk to in terms of evil, misery and the enslaving of humanity.

This political culturing, whether it is culturing by the Islamic thoughts and rules or by following the political events, will create the political awareness and cause the Ummah to shoulder her fundamental mission and original responsibility, which is to carry the Islamic Da’wah to all peoples and nations.