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Dangerous Concepts
to Attack Islam and Consolidate the Western Culture

Hizb ut Tahrir

1422 AH / 2001 CE

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Opening Ayah 3
Introduction 5
Terrorism (al-Irhab) 8
Interfaith Dialogue 13
Compromise (Wasatiyyah) 28
Fundamentalism 33
Globalisation 38



Since the United States has identified Islam as her greatest enemy after the fall of communism, the Islamic countries are now seen as strategic areas in which she will use the anti-terrorism law in order to increase her influence and keep them under control. This is because Muslims are now seeking the path of revival to re-establish the Khilafah, which the United States and other Kufr nations know to be the only State capable of destroying the capitalist ideology, which America heads.

This is why we will find no Islamic movements that have not been labelled as terrorist by the United States. Even political parties and movements that do not use material actions to realise their objectives are not exempt from this label. Thus the United States considers the activity of any movement, party or state calling for the return of Islam as a terrorist action breaching international law. With this justification, and by compelling those nations who have adopted the anti-terrorism legislation, she is able to mobilise the forces of these nations under her leadership to strike these movements, parties or states.

Interfaith Dialogue:

After the failure of the Western Kuffar in distancing the Muslims from their Aqeedah via the missionaries, orientalists, cultural works, the media, intellectual and political deception, they resorted to government authorities in their countries and in the countries of their agents.The primary aim that the capitalists are working to achieve from the dialogue between religions and Hadharah is to prevent the return of Islam to life’s affairs as a comprehensive system. This is because it threatens the survival of their ideology and Hadharah and will destroy their interests and influence.

This will make it easy for them to remove the Islamic culture from the minds of the people. They aim to achieve that by shaking the confidence of Muslims in the Islamic culture and in its sources and principles. They aim to neutralise Islam in the clash of civilisations by stripping it of its most important characteristics which distinguish it from other religions, namely the political aspect with which the Khilafah would be established to look after the affairs of the people according to the rules of Islam and carry it to the whole of mankind.


It is a foreign term whose source is the West and the Capitalist ideology, that ideology whose creed is based on the compromise solution. This solution arose as a result of the bloody conflict between the Church and its subordinate kings on one side, and the new breed of Western thinkers and philosophers on the other side. The former group viewed Christianity as capable of solving all of life’s affairs. The second group took the view that Christianity was incapable of doing this, and considered it the cause of much humiliation and backwardness. They saw the human mind as the only entity that could produce a system capable of organising life’s affairs and dealing with any problems that could arise.
Thus the middle position or compromise solution is an idea that is alien to Islam. The Western nations and those Muslims loyal to them have attached this idea to Islam to sell it to the Muslims in the name of moderation and tolerance, intending to deviate the sincere Muslims from the clearly defined rules and limits of Islam.


Fundamentalism emerged in Europe as a reaction to scientific and industrial progress that came after the separation of Christianity from life’s affairs. It emerged because of the inability of Christianity to respond to the new systems of life, which are derived from the Capitalist creed, the creed of separating religion from life. This pushed the believers in the Christian faith to adopt a stance rejecting the various forms of material progress and Capitalist culture. However this movement, fundamentalism, failed and disappeared due to its inability to present practical solutions for life’s problems, and because of the reason for its establishment, i.e. the resistance to scientific progress, and those disciplines and thoughts which the Christians did not agree with or believe in.

This description is dangerous to every Muslim and every movement fighting injustice and occupation. It is dangerous to every party working according to the Shari’ah methodology to resume the Islamic way of life. This is because the aim of this description is to create legal justifications to attack anyone calling for the re-establishment of Islam in life’s affairs, under the pretext that Islam is a fundamentalist movement. The foundations of fiqh are the principles on which fiqh is based, which the Mujtahid uses to derive practical Shara’i rules from their detailed evidences.


The aim is to develop on their basis the necessity of bringing in foreign money and work. It is intended to adopt the advice of the advocates of globalisation, changes to the country’s laws and the privatisation of its state institutions to enable such advocates to buy these institutions. In their view, there is no other option if the Muslims want to join the procession in a world that hasagreed on the globalisation of money and work, otherwise we will remain backward. No one should ignore the effect of these claims, propaganda and the cover of globalisation that conceals them in a country where people are dominated by ignorance and who depend on the state media for their opinions.