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Return of the Khilafah

A vision of Pakistan under the Khilafah and how an Islamic constitution will give rise to policies of revival

Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Pakistan


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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Revenue and expenditure 7
Electricity 17
Inflation 21
Military doctrine 27
India 40
Education 44
Baluchistan 50
Karachi 55

Introduction: Return of the Khilafah

Since the end of Islamic rule in the Indian Subcontinent through the occupation of the British colonialist and the subsequent destruction of the Khilafah of the Ummah, we have suffered for decades under successive rules of democracy and dictatorship, despite the fact that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam.

However, for years now, there are evident signs throughout the Ummah of the return of Islam as a state and rule. The call for Islam is now strong within the entire Ummah, from Tunisia to Syria and right across to Indonesia. Pakistan is no exception and our enemies fear that as it is the most powerful Muslim state:

• A survey supported by the US Department of Homeland Security and conducted by the University of Maryland between December 2006 and February 2007, revealed that the majority of Muslims in Pakistan held a personal goal, “to unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or
Caliphate (Khilafah).”

• In an interview in March 2009, David Kilcullen, advisor to the US CENTCOM Commander, said, “Pakistan has 173 million people, 100 nuclear weapons, an army bigger than the US Army… We’re now reaching the point (of) ...an extremist takeover—that would dwarf everything we’ve seen in the war on terror today.”

• An article published in the New Yorker on 16 November 2009 stated, “The principal fear is mutiny-that extremists inside the Pakistani military might stage a coup…A senior Obama Administration official brought up Hizb ut Tahrir… whose goal is to establish the Caliphate (Khilafah).”

• As for the Hindu state, a senior official from the Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW, said in the same article, “Our worries are about the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Not because we are worried about the mullahs taking over the country; we’re worried about those senior officers in the Pakistan Army who are Caliphates ... Some of the men we are watching have notions of leading an Islamic army.”

A great change is occurring in Pakistan and there has been significant progress in recent years. People have rejected democracy and dictatorship as tools of the colonialist. They understand that neither system has any semblance to Islam. People are aware that any leadership that enters the existing system can only bring more failure, neglect and problems. The grass roots debate has now reached the stage that the people are asking about how Islam will practically manage their affairs. People are asking specifics of a constitution based on Islam, derived from the noble Quran and the blessed Sunnah.

Hizb ut Tahrir has prepared a complete body of knowledge about the Khilafah. This includes a 190 article Introduction of the Constitution, complete with Islamic evidence. It also includes a library of books discussing the details of the systems and policies that the Khilafah will implement. As for Hizb ut Tahrir’s work in Pakistan, for years the Shabaab have been clarifying Islam’s vision for Pakistan through live discussions, seminars, conferences, presentations, leaflets, booklets, press releases, videos and audios amongst other styles. And now Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Pakistan as part of that efforts has issued a booklet, “Return of the Khilafah.”

This booklet outlines a vision of the Khilafah about some of the current problems Pakistan is facing in the following areas:

1. Revenue and expenditure

2. Electricity

3. Inflation

4. Military doctrine

5. India

6. Education

7. Baluchistan

8. Karachi

This booklet is a clarification that far from solving the problems of Pakistan: democracy and dictatorship are the cause. It is an invitation to the people to study with Hizb ut Tahrir the specifics of the Khilafah and to work with it to make it realized. And it is a sincere advice to all those who still put their faith in the corrupt, man-made systems of democracy and dictatorship, to reject them and work for the Return of the Khilafah.