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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

In Kenanah “Egypt,” only seats…
Are set aside at the cost of continuing tragedies!

Yesterday evening, the Egyptian President issued some important and eye-catching decisions; most prominent among them was the superannuating of the Field Marshal Tantawi and his deputy Fariq Annan, the Chief of General Staff… These decisions have come at a time when there is intensifying the military actions in Sinai against (the insurgents), and are rising the police raids of the houses, arresting the suspect. Also, the vehicles are flocked in so as to close the tunnels, thereby tightening the siege upon the besieged!

Those who are following the political events in Egypt know that Egypt could not continue with two heads: the Military Council with immense powers, and the Egyptian President with reduced powers. So, the overthrow of one of the biceps/heads was expected and was just a matter of time, waiting for the nearest-term. Likewise, those following the political events are aware that America extended and is extending her supports inside the old political circles represented by the Military and its subordinates, as well as inside the post-elections’ new political circles represented by the Egyptian president and his supporters. Those political conversations previously held with the officials within the new political circles are no secret, especially after 25 January.

They concluded that the attainment of reign by these people will neither alter the nature of the republican system and the Civil State, nor the international treaties and in particular the treacherous Camp David agreement, nor will adversely affect the interests of America in the Arab region…

Since America was considering that the Military and the old political circle was more capable to realize her political, economic and military interests than the new political circle whom she has not tested yet from the practical angle. For that reason, America was supporting the Military and was strengthening its powers more than the support it was extending to the Egyptian president and the new political circles… This approach continued in the American stance until the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Egypt on 14/07/2012 CE, which was followed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on 31/07/2012. They met the Egyptian President, Field Marshal Tantawi and his deputy in the Military. At this point, the U.S. State Department realized that its continuation with the two heads will affect her interests and will further complicate the matters, especially considering the fact that the Field Marshal and his deputy were the two main pillars in the earlier regime and their presence was generating provocation as regards the peoples’ perception towards the earlier regime!

It was observed after those two visits that the voice of Military in the public life has become feeble and subdued while the voice of Egyptian president has become loud and clear. It was understandable that this is a beginning of the recent decisions, preceded by a consultative meeting between Egyptian President and the Military Council, as stated (to Reuters) by Major General Muhammad Assar, the new Deputy Defense Minister. Then, the meeting resulted in those decisions to be announced at appropriate time ... Although Tantawi and Annan held high positions in the army and had strongly served the interests of America, however they were easily retired on pension, a feat the American arms are not free from its role in it. Even though the followers of colonialist kuffar see with their own eyes as to how America throws them out when their role comes to an end, nevertheless they neither learn a lesson from it, nor take an Ibrah/example, nor take it into consideration!

The American official circles kept silent throughout past days from making any comment on what happened so that the situations can go by without any noise. Then, what was hidden behind the perforated doors got uncovered! As today (13/08/2012) Victoria Nuland spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department stated, commenting on those decisions, that (when the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Egypt and then was followed by Defense Minister Leon Panetta, we understood at that time that there will be some consultations and changes. From this perspective, this change is not surprising to us)! On the other hand, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed (that the officials in the Pentagon are acquainted with the new leaders of the armed forces in Egypt…)! Therefore, the new military leadership is not different from the old military leadership with the exception of replacement of the faces. However, as for the general tendency the direction is the same.

O Muslims, this soft change could be done without bloodshed in Sinai, especially since the new defense minister Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is a member of the Military Council and was appointed by Mubarak. He is the youngest member in the Council and the most active among them and has had a clear impact on the decisions of the Council as the Director of military intelligence and reconnaissance, despite his less appearance at the public arena, owning to the nature of his work in the military intelligence… Therefore, in such a scenario he is highly important in the Military Council on a par with the Field Marshal and the General! However, the American arms wished that the removal of chairs be painted with bloods in Sinai and closure of the tunnels be allowed. Hence, the presence of insurgents was exploited in Sinai, who were worried about the comfort of Jewish entity. Also the allegations that they entered the tunnels, which was providing Gaza with the lifeline… were exploited to make Sinai secure from any resistance against the entity which has taken Palestine by force. Since the Security is obsessed with the Jewish entity, which was taken seriously by America, for this reason U.S. Secretary of Defense made it public during his visit to Egypt, expressing (U.S. concern about the security threats in Sinai and the smuggling of people and weapons at the border). He further said (there was an understanding that we will continue to work together to achieve the security in any way possible…). Concerning this, the New York Times published on 11/08/2012 (the United States and Egypt are trying to develop a new security plan to tackle the deterioration of the situation in Sinai). This is with regard to the security of Jewish entity; while on the other hand, the conditions were prepared to close the tunnels, which were indeed the lifeline to Gaza Sector, without their being free and full opening for the crossings! i.e. the means for bringing about this soft change under the patronage of U.S.A. was the blood which was spilled in Sinai, besides making it a method to close the tunnels anew as was used to be done by the tyrant Mubarak!

O Muslims, Egypt is the citadel of Islam, the starting point for conquests and a source of victories over the enemies of Islam such as the Crusaders and the Tartars… and was the caretaker of Khilafah after its elimination in Baghdad. Also, it was the connecting link between the Abbasid Khilafah and the Uthmani Khilafah… Today it is worthy of becoming the starting point for Khilafah once again and the launching pad for Army to liberate Palestine from the atrocity of assaulting Jews… and not to be a base for America to change and remove the chairs from left to right!

We conclude the statement by once again advising the Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi, even if he did not accept our first advice… as we will never despair of advising every Muslim, especially if he is involved in the ruling. So, we follow our first advice with the second one saying: that even though the American arms have extended to the old and new political circles, however, its cessation is possible and accessible. And rectifying a mistake made once is better than persisting in mistake and doing it repeatedly. Similarly, seeking the friendship of the American arms and trying to establish good relations with them will be of no avail… rather those arms should be cut off and removed. Otherwise, there will be regret, which cannot be escaped! The land of Kenanah is a land of strength and invincibility and its precedent in that is witnessed and recorded. And he, who is truly with Allah, will prevail as the verses of Holy Qur’an clearly speak so and the same was reiterated by the Egyptian President in his last speech (And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not) yes, Allah Almighty has spoken the truth (And who is truer in statement than Allah?)

Have we not conveyed the message? O Allah! Be our witness…Have we not conveyed the message? O Allah! Be our witness… Have we not conveyed the message? O Allah!  Be our witness.

25 Ramadan 1433 H.


Hizb ut-Tahrir


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