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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

The correct bond is the bond of the Islamic ‘Aqeedah, not the Francophone bond

On Friday 18th October 2002, the 9th Francophone Summit was held in Beirut. It continued for three days under the tile ‘The Dialogue of Cultures.’ The Francophone organisation, which consists of 52 states, also includes many Muslim countries. This organisation is formed by states whose people speak French whether partially or as their common language. This summit is held every two years, during which a series of cultural activities are undertaken. In this summit many conferences, seminars, lectures and exhibitions were held and included in the agenda was a discussion about political issues. The aim was to strengthen the French language and to strengthen the cultural, political and economic cooperation between those who speak this language.

The history of the spread of the French language in the so-called Francophone states, with the exception of the European states, goes back to the age of colonisation, where France sought to make the French language dominant over the language of the colonised country as a means to impose its values and viewpoint about life. It used all means of force at its disposal against weak nations that tried to resist occupation. What happened in Algeria in 1945 is a clear example of this, when French forces killed 45,000 Algerian Muslims in a single day. And after this the French forces left Algeria in 1962 (after 128 years of occupation) in a state of poverty, confounding misery upon its inhabitants, as well as leaving behind millions of bereaving mothers and orphans. The French forces left more than a million people oppressed and they left countless numbers of martyrs in their wake.

Colonisation has always been part of the history of France. The colonial greed of France greatly increased especially after adopting the Capitalist ideology. Thus we saw Napoleon’s colonisation of Egypt in 1798 and the expansion of its colonies until they reached Indo-China, the Middle East and Africa. Then came the idea of annexing the colonies to France and so these were made a part of the French territories. The dominance of the French culture in those colonies was considered a victory for France and an entrenchment of its colonialism and a demonstration of her grandeur and power.

Despite the fact that the French forces have left most of her colonies, this has not deterred them from utilising hostile policies against the Muslims. She joined in recognising the Jewish entity and she has established normal relations with Israel and assisted in building its nuclear power. Then she collaborated in the tri-partite aggression against Egypt. Her fighter planes participated in the bombing of Iraq in 1990, and furthermore, also collaborated in the decision to impose unjust sanctions on Iraq due to which hundreds of thousands of children died because of lack food and medicines. Then again she participated with America in her aggression against Afghanistan. She rained on its people the firepower of the ‘Mirage’ and ‘Super Etendard’ planes. Add to that the interference of her army in the conflicts of many of the African states.

The worst thing that France did to the Muslims, after destroying the Islamic Khilafah in 1924 in collusion with Britain, was to divide the Ummah into many states, each led by agent rulers subservient to the West. It did this by executing the secret Sykes-Picot agreement that was later exposed. This placed the Muslims in a situation of severe fragmentation and weakness.

Indeed, the slogans of plurality, diversity, respect of the other, development, fighting globalisation, opposition to unipolarity, and the slogan of the ‘dialogue of cultures’ were all uttered and defended by the Francophone leaders. These slogans may deceive someone at the first instance but the one who scrutinises the history of the Francophone organisation and its actions and the one who scrutinises the meanings of such slogans and what is intended by this, he will realise that they contradict the concepts of Islam and the beliefs of the Muslims completely or at least in part.

Anyone who reads history and is acquainted with the nature of peoples and states knows that it is naive to think the Francophone bond is a human bond that is for the good of those states that ascribe to it. Whoever believes that a state like France, which is financing this conference and hosting its activities, is aiming to improve the situation of the peoples and insure their prosperity, this person has been deceived. This is because he has not read the history of France well nor has he understood the nature of her rulers, nor the nature of the ideology in which they believe.

The spread and encouragement of the French language via Francophonic institutions and activities entailed the study of French culture naturally but not with awareness. It resulted in being influenced by the culture and furthermore it led to the feeling of belonging to the Francophone world i.e. one had to be influenced by the values included in the French culture. These are the values of the Western culture that witnessed its birth in France and here lies the danger. This is because they are values that completely contradict the Shari’ah rules since they are based on the separation between religion and life and what it produced in terms of the idea of the general freedoms according to the Western understanding while Islam is based on servitude to Allah (swt) only. He (swt) said:

“But no, by your Lord, they can have no Imaan, until they make you the judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept them with full submission.” [TMQ 4:65]

There is no separation of the deen from life in Islam. Rather Islam is a creed from which a system of life emanates. He (swt) said:

“We have neglected nothing in the Book.” [TMQ 6:38]

i.e. Islam has clarified the rules of every issue and commanded that we adhere to its rules which organise all affairs of man.

Thus, Islam came to take man away from the worship of the servants to the worship of Allah (swt), and the non-Muslims, who were called Kuffar, were invited to Islam and asked to leave their religions and sects and to believe only in Allah (swt) Who has no partners and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. He (swt) said:

“And whosoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [TMQ 3:85]

And He (swt) said:

“And We have sent down to you (O Muhammad) the Book (this Qur’an) in truth, confirming the Scripture that came before it and a controller over it.” [TMQ 5:48]

And the Messenger (saw) said: “By the one in whose hands is Muhammad’s soul! There is no Jew or Christian from this Ummah who hears about me and does not believe in what I have been sent with except that he is from the inhabitants of the Fire.” [Reported by Muslim]

One cannot fight globalisation and unipolarity by supporting Francophone and affiliating to it. It is not allowed to affiliate to a bond that carries concepts contradictory to Islam, containing the seeds of colonisation and the dream that France would once again become a great nation as it used to be in bygone ages.

In its creed and system, Islam is the only correct ideology that can save mankind. History bears witness to its unparalleled success. It transformed peoples from the abyss of tribalism to the elevation of the ideological bond, from the narrow life to its ease and comfort, from the worry and misery to tranquility and happiness. The majority of the peoples which Islam ruled left their religions and entered the deen of Islam willingly and not by force. He (swt) says:

“There is no compulsion in religion.” [TMQ 2:256]

They lived in the comfort of the laws and rules of Islam for more than 13 centuries. They witnessed the strength and might of the Islamic State and the flourishing and promotion of sciences. The mission of the Ummah is to carry the Message of Islam as a mercy to the nations and peoples of the world. He (swt):

“And We have not sent you (O Muhammad) except as a giver of glad tidings and a warner to all mankind.” [TMQ 34:28]

Thereafter the Islamic Ummah began to decline not because of Islam but due to the ignorance that hit the pillars of the Islamic State. So ijtihad was suspended and consequently deduction of the correct solutions for new societal problems was suspended. Thus, the Ummah has been afflicted by weakness and backwardness.

The Islamic Ummah today, after realising that her lost honour would be regained and the anger of Allah will be lifted when she returns to applying Islam in all of life’s affairs by establishing the Khilafah which will unite the Muslim lands under the flag of one Khaleefah whom they will give bay’ah on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, must work with all the power that it has so that the voice of those who are sincere in the Ummah are heard by the people of power who have the ability to bring change. They should be urged and encouraged to participate with the sons of the Islamic Ummah in making sacrifices to change the situation of the Muslims.

O Muslims!

Raise your voice high in the face of those rulers who have betrayed Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) repeating the saying of ‘Ubadah ibn Samit at the second pledge of al-‘Aqabah: “We have pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah to listen and obey in ease and in hardship and that we stand for or speak the truth wherever we were and that in the service of Allah we would fear the blame of no one.” [Reported by Muslim] The brave word is sharper than the sword. And the word of truth destroys falsehood. That is why the Messenger (saw) threatened those who neglect to proclaim the truth or fear to do so by saying: “You have to enjoin the good and forbid the wrong, and to restrain the hand of the tyrant, and to force him on the truth and to confine him to the truth.” And in one narration it says: “Or Allah will be about to strike the hearts of some of you against others, then He will curse you as He cursed them” [Reported by Abu Dawud] And he (saw) said: “If you see my Ummah is frightened to say to a tyrant: ‘you are a tyrant’, then farewell to them” [Reported by Ahmad] He (saw) said: “The best Jihad is the word of truth spoken to a tyrant ruler.” And he (saw) said: “The prince of martyrs is Hamzah ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib and a man who stood up before a tyrant ruler and ordered (the good) and forbade (the evil) so the ruler killed him.” [Reported by al-Hakim] And he (saw) said: “Let not the fear of people stop you from speaking the truth when you see or witness something. Verily, speaking the truth or reminding about a great matter will not draw death closer or deprive someone from his provision (rizq).” [Reported by Ahmad]



13 Sha’ban 1423 AH


Hizb ut-Tahrir


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