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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

O Muslims! Shape the Middle East by your own hands, for you are its rightful owners

On the 8th of June, leaders of the eight industrialised nations: United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia met in Sea Island off the US state of Georgia. Discussions between them were expected to last for three days.

Meetings such as these between the industrialised nations are convened regularly. The leaders discuss issues such as promoting their industrial products through the creation of cheap labour and opening up markets and boosting their industrial imports and exports under the banner of globalisation. They also analyse various political issues that affect their interests, and the key economic issues that provoke the emotions of the poor in the underdeveloped countries. They do this to pave the way for economic and political influence in those countries. While these summits may be similar in terms of their declared objectives, they differ in the hidden ones - these depend upon the global influence of an industrial state, its international power and the size of its agents in the world.

The summit this year differs from previous years because of the following:

  1. The world’s leading state is in a dilemma it is trying to get out of.
  2. This state is looking to expand control and dominance over the Middle East by seeking approval for a symbolic declaration that will then be announced internationally.
  3. It is turning to the other industrial states looking for their agreement on these two issues: the plan to solve its dilemma and its project for the Middle East.
  4. In all of this, the leading state is proceeding without taking into account any of the states of the region over which it wants to expand control and hegemony - it has not consulted with the rulers of the region - and despite this, these rulers do not feel ashamed nor are they concerned that they will be ruined and their resources plundered, so long as it takes place at the hands of their benefactor, the United States of America.

These are the things that make this summit different from the previous ones. In order to understand how we arrived at this point, we need to recall some recent events.

The US prepared itself to invade Afghanistan and Iraq thinking it would be straightforward - so long as the Muslim rulers around Afghanistan and Iraq opened their air space, land and waterways from which its bombers, tanks and warships could be dispatched.

In spite of this, the aggressors still came up with a fierce fighting resistance from the Muslims. This made them fearful and perplexed and they turned to their allies for support in order that they might share their burden. Accordingly, they brought in NATO to help them in Afghanistan and various other states to Iraq; and they continue ask for more partners.

As for the expansion of hegemony and control in the Middle East, the US and its experts busily engaged themselves from the beginning of the year on preparing their project, which they called the ‘Greater Middle East Initiative’, amending it later to the ‘Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative’. They announced their project on 13/2/2004; and then they began to promote it - doing so for four months - surrounding it with politics and cultivating it until it was unveiled at this summit.

Through this initiative, the US seeks a publicly declared and legitimatised hegemony over the region - a region it has defined as covering Mauritania and Morocco in the west all the way to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the east. Though American influence in the region is nothing new - in some places extending to US soldiers on the ground; the new agenda they now want to pursue is the legitimisation and the international support for this dominance over the whole region. This would be through garnering support for the initiative from the eight industrial states at the summit culminating in a declaration announced through all available media channels.

The European Union tried to present an opposing or parallel project to that of the Americans. The Europeans met in Berlin summit on 18/2/2004, where they announced a European initiative based on the ideas presented by German foreign minister Joschka Fisher in the last Munich summit.

However, they could not advance their proposals during negotiations and met opposition with the Americans - the EU ideas being finally excluded. The proposals America submitted at the summit in the first place, in order to invite discussion over, agree on and then announce, became the basis for the final agreement after some amendments to its marginal points.

This shows that America turned to the industrial states so as to get out of its predicament by seeking their agreement on its Iraq resolution. These states obliged by consenting to the American plan for Iraq enunciated in the Security Council resolution number 1546. This plan legitimises the American forces in Iraq and their control over the country; and paves the way for America to present it to the rest of the Arab and non-Arab countries, using the authority of the Security Council resolution. Thus, the American occupation forces would change their name to become multi-national forces under American leadership.

America also turned to the industrial states so as get their agreement on its plan for the Middle East - and this too they are about to give - thereby legitimising American intervention in the region under the name of reform and development.

O Muslims: America views the Islamic region, which it called the ‘Greater Middle East’ later changing it to ‘Middle East and North Africa’, the same way it viewed its enemies in World War II. Before Bush started his European trip, he delivered a speech on 2/6/04 to the Air Force Academy, in which he likened the war that his department is waging against terrorism to World War II. He pointed out that the Middle East is the main front in this war, just as Europe was in the forties. Thus, he considers his war against Muslims equivalent to World War II.

This is what America plans in its project, and this is what it aims to achieve. It understands the region has the elements of power and victory based on the ideology its inhabitants embrace, the location it occupies and the wealth it treasures underground and on the surface. Therefore, America prepares plans and devises intrigues, together with its allies and agents, claiming it will prevent this Ummah from gaining the standing that she rightfully deserves.

O Muslims: the ‘Greater Middle East Initiative’ or ‘Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative’ is only concocted to contain the Muslims of the region in order to prevent the emergence of a state for Muslims and to counteract their revival. America seeks to cover its ugly face by embellishing this project with slogans like ‘ruling reforms’, ‘democratisation’, ‘freedom’, ‘human rights’, ‘economic development of the region’ and ‘educational reform’.

Anyone who examines the practical way America follows in order to implement these false and deceptive slogans will discover their true reality.

The intention behind ‘ruling reforms’ is quite the opposite of what it implies. They actually intend to hinder every honest and sincere person from ruling, whilst they assist and support every agent loyal to them. A good ruler, in their view, is judged by the degree of his loyalty to them and the degree of his betrayal to Allah, His Messenger and the believers.

The ‘democracy’ that they try to promote to ordinary people does not, in their view, mean the people’s selection of their ruler by choice and consent. This is because they realize this will bring down all their agents and puppets; and then the true believers will assume power, a matter that America neither wants and nor does it aim for.

Instead, America wants ‘democracy’ as it really means, which is the distancing of Islam from the life of the people and removal of the law of Allah from the Muslim lands. Through ‘democracy’ legislation is made to decide what is halal and what is haram by the hands of America and its agents, thus rejecting Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and forging lies against Him.

As for the ‘freedom’ that they want, it is the freedom of capitalism and freedom in society for the deviants, homosexuals and the indecent. It is the freedom of exploitation, greed and concentration of the wealth in the hands of the capitalist class, besides their control of the affairs of authority. It is the freedom of colonising the peoples and stealing their resources, as well as their suppression and starvation. Freedom is not as they propagate: that we can speak the truth and take the rulers to task for their treachery and subordination to the West. This sort of freedom leads only to prison and torture that ends with martyrdom as happens at the hands of the agents of America all over the world.

With regards to their concept of ‘human rights’, it is the scandal and disaster they showed in the prison of Abu Ghuraib - activities that even the beasts of jungles do not engage in. The ‘human rights’ that they know of is that they kill people under torture, take photos of them and then raise their fingers in the victory sign. It is that they desecrate the honour of the people before the cameras while they themselves smile and laugh. It is those ‘human rights’ in which they force a girl, of six years old, to raise her hands, pointing a gun towards her even as her two hands are trembling with fear. This is what the TV screens showed since the American army entered Iraq.

As for the ‘economic development of the region’, in their view it means to rob the wealth of the Ummah, sink the region in debts and then shackle it with the poisonous prescriptions of the IMF. All these matters are quite plain for everybody to see without the need for deep explanation.

‘Education reform’ is that which they and their agents are doing, in terms of diluting more and more of the education curriculum, particularly that related to the aqeedah and culture of the Ummah. Their vicious hands even reached the Quranic verses and Prophetic ahadith that determine the position of the Muslims towards those who reject the truth, their culture and their thoughts.

O Muslims: You are now aware of the poison that they mixed with fat in the American project for the Middle East. Rather, it is poison alone without any fat mixed in; so what are you waiting for? What are your armies waiting for? What are the influential people amongst you waiting for? Are you waiting till America has implemented its project for the Middle East, the great one and the small one, and thus your countries become full of prisons more than just Abu Ghuraib? Do you wait till your children face the same end, which that little girl faced when she raised her trembling hands while the gun was pointed towards her? Do you wait for any good from your rulers? They are actually the misfortune and the source of the disease; and they are the people who placed the countries in the grip of the enemies.

O Muslims!

Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon you to mobilise your forces and rally your ranks to help and support it in its work to establish the Khilafah state, by which you will restore your glory, attain the good pleasure of your lord and destroy your enemy.

Let each one of you do that which he is able to do: whoever is capable to join in this work in the first rows as a front line supporter to help in establishing the state, let him do so and come forward. Whoever is capable to work in the rear rows as a rear line supporter to help in establishing the state, let him do so and come forward. Whoever is not capable to work, and will be around it for protecting the state and the da’wa, let him do so and come forward. Whoever is unable to do so because of an excuse or a reason, let him support it by his heart and du’aa.

As for us, Hizb ut-Tahrir, we are proceeding in our work by the Will of Allah, to seek realisation of His promise:

وعد الله الذين ءامنوا منكم وعملوا الصالحات ليستخلفنهم في الأرض
‘Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good deeds that He will surely make them to succeed (the present rulers) in the earth…’ [24: 55]

And to seek realisation of the good news given by His Messenger sallalahu alayhi wasallam:

ثم تكون خلافةً على منهاج النبوة

‘Then it will become Khilafah on the model of prophethood’.

We do all this with true belief and we ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to let us meet Him with this belief, and with good deeds which we ask Allah to accept from us. We will work hard and hurry in our march rehearsing His subhanahu wa ta’ala’s words:

وكان حقاً علينا نصر المؤمنين

‘To help believers is incumbent upon Us’. [30: 47]



2 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1426 AH


Hizb ut-Tahrir


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