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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

America Acting on a Whim with the Ministers of the Arab Countries

The Security Council issued its decision on 12/11/1997: To condemn Iraq’s violation of its commitments which enforce the unconditioned cooperation with the Committee of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and imposed a travel ban on Iraqi officials.

Upon the issuing of this decision from the Security Council, the Iraqi leadership initiated in making the decision of expelling the American experts from Iraq immediately.

The US wanted the Security Council’s decision to state the description of the Iraqi situation as a material breach of Article Number 687, which specifies the conditions of cease fire in the Second Gulf War, thus meaning an international privilege to conduct military operations that allows America to take military actions against Iraq if it refuses to submit to the Security Council’s decisons.

However, Russia, China, and France, the countries which have the NATO right in the Security Council, refused that the Security Council’s decision will include the description of the Iraqi situations as a material breach, and these three countries hold reservations against America taking any military actions against Iraq, and they are working towards alleviating its siege.

Clinton, US Secretary of State, and the US Secretary of Defense have threatened to take military actions Iraq if it does not step back from its decision to refuse cooperating with the American inspection experts, from its warning to expel them from Baghdad, and from its warning to hit the American spy planes (U2) if they continue flying in the air zones of the Northern and Southern areas.

Clinton also promised to force Saddam to fully comply with the UN decisions, and both the Republic and Democratic parties in the US Congress confirmed for Clinton to take military action against Iraq even without the Security Council decision.

Upon the issuing of the Iraqi leadership’s decision to expel the American inspectors in the committee immediately from Iraq, Clinton met with his advisors to study what should the US do. In addition, they placed all their ground, aerial, and navy forces available in the Gulf region and in Turkey in the state of full alert.

There is a big chance that the US will take a military action against Iraq although a decision from the Security Council has not been issued yet, despite the objection from Russia, China, France, Egypt, and many of the Arab countries for any military action to be taken by America against Iraq.

As for Britain, it announced that it will participate with America in any military action it takes against Iraq. This is for it to maintain its existence in the Gulf, and to ensure its Gulf rulers agents that it will not abandon them, and that it will not leave the Gulf region for America.

The scenes of this theatrics which the US has started to show after Iranian planes conducted raids on the existing Mujahedin-e Khalq bases in Iraq, which pushed Baghdad to threaten Iran to respond to these raids and take revenge. As a result, the US Secretary of State took a decision to send the American aircraft carrier Nimitz to the Gulf region prior to the designated date to move, with the excuse that this movement is a sign for Baghdad and Tehran that the US is insistent to forcefully impose a no-fly zone on the Northern and Southern areas of Iraq.

America, despite its heavy military existence in the Gulf region after the Second Gulf War, it was unable to earn the loyalty of the rulers of the five Gulf countries, as their loyalty remained with the British even though they played along with the US. For that reason, it wanted to carry out this theatrics to show an amplified danger Saddam had on them, that he intends to invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the rest of the Gulf countries, and that there is no one able to protect them from Saddam expect the US, when they hand over the leadership to it, grant it allegiance, and seek from it to intensify its military existence in the Gulf region in order to protect them.

Afterwards, America instructed Richard Butler, the Executive Director of the Special Committee assigned to disarm Iraq from unlawful weapons, to cancel the deal which was between Iraq and Ralph Akius, the former director of the committee, in the matter of preventing the inspection of sensitive areas in Iraq, which are related to the presidential and sovereign areas, and go back to preparing for open inspections.

In addition, America started pressuring the Security Council to impose new retributions on Iraq, so it, with Britain and other seven countries, presented a project to the Security Council to impose new retributions on Iraq, so the Security Council took the decision of threatening Iraq with retributions in any time it impedes the tasks of the inspection experts.

As a result of this decision, the Iraqi leadership took, with recommendation from the National Iraqi Council, a decision of refusing to cooperate with the American inspection experts with the remaining of the cooperation with the Special Committee, and to request from this committee to remove its covering of the American spy plane (U2).

What motivated Iraq to take this decision, and to thwart and challenge the US, is that the Iraqi leadership was convinced that America will not lift the siege off of Iraq, even if it maintained all of its commitments. This conviction was expressed by Tariq Aziz in the press conference held in Baghdad on 7/11 where he said, “The Special Committee is used as a tool and a cover by the US to maintain the enforced retributions on Iraq since 1990 CE, and we are convinced that what is going on is an endless game which could go on probably for decades.” This is in addition to seeing that the alliance between America and its allies during the Second Gulf War could break, and Russia, China, France, and some of the US allies from the Arab countries started to hold reservations against what the US is doing against Iraq such as prolonging the siege and taking any military action against it.

Iraq and the US each started to intensify their stances, so Iraq forbade the American experts from participating in inspection procedures with the Special Committee, and the US placed all of its ground, aerial and navy forces available in the Gulf and Turkey under the state of alert and vigilance. In addition, America started to pressure the Security Council to make the decision to condemn Iraq, and consider what it is doing such as forbidding the American experts and threatening the US spy planes (material breach) so that it can unleash its hand to take military action. Thus, the Secretary General sent a political delegation to Iraq as an attempt to convince Iraq to back off from its decisions and implementing the decisions of the UN without binding conditions. Also, Baghdad sent Tariq Aziz to explain to the Secretary General and the UN the Iraqi point of view, so the political delegation has failed in its mission, and Tariq Aziz failed in his mission, and upon that, the Security Council issued its decision to add new retributions against Iraq.

This American whim and the American tyranny did not reach Saddam, since Saddam is safe in his many hideouts, and he has all what he needs from the best of food, the best of clothes, and runaway cars, but it reached Iraq, the Muslim country, and the people of Iraq are Muslims. Rather it reaches all of the people in the region, as it also reaches all of the Muslims, and all of the Muslim countries. This by itself is humiliating for all of the Muslims, insulting them, and demeaning them, and American knows that the Muslim masses in the Muslim world have no effect on the political decision in the entire Muslim world and the Arab world. This is because these masses are living in a huge prison of the rulers’ tyranny over them, the political decision is exclusive to the agent-rulers, and their political decisions is an implementation of the orders of America, or the orders of the agent countries that work for it.

If those rulers in the Muslim and Arab countries have any minute sense of dignity for how they allowed the US, or any other infidel and colonial country to insult them this much, to undermine them and their people this much, to humiliate them this much, they would have stood up against America and other greedy countries who are ravening for their resources and goods, and they would threaten America’s vitality and the interests of the other countries ravening in the Muslim world’s territories.  If America were ensured that these rulers in the Muslim world will threaten its vital interests, it would not have dared to treat them this way, it wouldn’t have humiliated them this much, and it wouldn’t have stood with the Jewish entity. It would instead have opened the path for them to eliminate the Jewish entity, to uproot it from its depths, as when America sees that its vital interests are threatened, it will retreat, back off, and stop its recklessness and arrogance. Its retreat from threatening the French Total company, after it has invested 2 billion dollars in the Iranian Gas production, it violated the American “Damato” law that enforces retributions on the companies which sign huge contracts that exceed 40 million dollars with Iran or Libya in Gas or Oil projects, and it threatened the British Shell company which wants to invest an amount of 10 billion dollars in gas projects in Iran, are just the biggest evidence that threatening the American interests is enough to make it stop from exceeding its limit and to make it retreat its riots and tyrannies. America has huge vital interests in the Muslim world region, especially in the Arab world region, and to threaten its interests with a real threat is enough to teach it a lesson making it bound to its limits. However, these rulers in the Muslim and Arab world, these agents of America or other Western countries, are traitors to their people and slaves to their enemies. They should oppose America and threaten its vital interests, and end its dominance in their countries.

Therefore these rulers carry the huge burden of America acting on a whim, the burden of bringing it to the Muslim world, the burden of its dominance over it, and the burden of it recapturing the resources of their countries. This is because they have eased its way to do this, so they hold these burdens, and they deserve the seclusion.

The Muslim Ummah, with all its extensive resources and manpower that Allah (swt) has granted it, and with the countries that have strategic location, it is able to threaten the American vital interests with a real threat, and dispose these interests from all of the Muslim countries.

The incapacity of these agent rulers in front of America, and other Western countries, does not exempt the Muslims in the Muslim world, including the Arab world, from ending the American and Western interests in all of the Muslim countries. They hold the burden of these traitor rulers who stayed silent, who humiliated them, and who weakened in front of their enemies, and hold the burden of their silence in keeping the American and Western countries interests in the Muslim countries, in continuing the American and Western dominance on their countries, and in maintaining the existence of the Jewish entity.

In order for them to lift this sin, they should be working hard to establish a loyal entity in the region that is based on their Islamic creed, and adopts the establishment of the Shariah laws. This means establishing the Khilafah state, nominating a Khaleefah whom they will grant Bayaa’ to work according to the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of His Prophet (saw) in order to implement upon them the Islamic law, thus uniting the Muslim world under the Khilafah State. In addition, it works to end all of the American and Western interests in the Muslim countries, ending any of their dominance or control they have on these countries, to declare Jihad against the Jewish entity in order to uproot it from its depths, and to carry the message of Islam, the message of guidance and light, to the entire world.

((يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَجِيبُوا لِلَّهِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاكُمْ لِمَا يُحْيِيكُمْ))

“O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life.” [al-Anfal: 24]

14th Rajab 1418 AH


Hizb ut Tahrir


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