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American President George Bush begins his Middle East tour tomorrow, Wednesday. He starts from Palestine on 9th January, 2008, then proceeds to Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE , Saudi Arabia and then to Egypt on 16th January before returning to Washington (D.C).

This visit has come amid publicity campaigns especially by Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority that Bush visit is aimed at forming a sovereign state with authority for the Palestinian Authority side by side with the Jewish state. How far are these reports authentic?

30th Dhil Hijjah, 1428 A.H


What has made America, which dominates power in Pakistan, approve amnesty for Bhutto and her return to Pakistan, despite the fact that her loyalties are with the British camp where she spent the last eight years?
Secondly, where is Pakistan headed in the midst of these events?

15th Shawwal 1428 A.H


Certain recent events in Tunisia raise question mark as to whether the country is headed for a change? Some of these events are:
- The Tunis media, and especially the ‘Tunis News’ and ‘Al-Wasat-at-Tunisiyyah’ have carried news indicating that Zine El Abidine is suffering from prostate cancer and there are no hopes of a cure. He is also reported to have traveled secretly to Europe for treatment.
- In August 2005, a Tunisian diplomat Kamel Morjane, who was working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), was appointed to head the Tunisian Defence Ministry. Soon after having taken charge as the MoD, Morjane began a fast-paced diplomatic campaign during which he concluded some very important agreements with the United States.

- In February 2006 the Donald Rumsfeld visited North African Arab countries including Tunisia, and Kamel Morjane reciprocated with his trip to the US later during the same year.

- In 2007, Nicholas Sarkozy, the new French President who is known to be close to the US, visited the region- this was his first trip outside Europe as president.

- In the month of July last, a delegation of US Congress paid visit to Tunisia.
- In late last July, a group of leaders belonging to the Tunisian An-Nahdhah Movement were set free.
- Recently, the US Deputy Chief of Staff Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. visited Tunisia last week and met with senior Tunisian officials, later a delegation of US officers followed his visit to Tunisia.
Does all this indicate that America has started to take a foothold in Tunisia?

21st Sha’ban, 1428 A.H


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