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Question: What is the current situation in Yemen? Is this a local religious conflict wherein the Houthi people are pitched against the state? Or is this an international conflict wherein the local tools are being used? Please clarify, may Allah reward you.

11th Dhull Hijjah, 1430 A.H


The Secretary-General of NATO, Rasmussen, said yesterday, 23/10/2009, that NATO welcomes the plans for missile defense in accordance with Obama’s plan, as the Czech Republic confirmed that she is ready to be part of this defense system, only two days after Poland’s accepted. How is that?! Did not President Obama announce his plans to abandon installation of interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar site in the Czech Republic on 17/9/2009? Or was Obama’s declaration to abandon not real, rather to trick Russia to lower her guard temporarily? If this is so, has America under Obama come to account for the growing strength of Russia and designed to appease Russia’s security concerns? And does this also mean that America’s military been shaken such that her control of the international situation has weakened?

5 Dhul-Qa’adah 1430


Question: What made Iran change its stance regarding uranium enrichment? For years it insisted that enrichment must occur in Iran and not in a foreign country. However today, after the Geneva talks, and specifically after the US-Iranian bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Geneva talks, officials have said that Iranians now agree to what they had refused previously? We hope that you clarify this matter. May Allah reward you.

16 Shawal 1430


Question: It is noted that the political situation in West Turkistan (Central Asia:-Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan), is in a volatile state, sometimes we find such and such ruler under the mantle of Russia and after a while he rushes toward America ... and so on, can you clarify the current political situation in these republics? Jazaakum Allah Khairun.

29 Ramadan 1430 H


Question: What is the issue of planting mines along the Syrian-Turkey border?How and when did it happen? To what extent is this linked to the international conflict? May Allah reward you for it.

10th Rajab, 1430 A.H


Question: North Korea announced on 25th May, 2009, that it carried out a successful nuclear test. It had earlier (on 8th May) warned that it was strengthening its nuclear arsenal, and accusing the Obama administration of hostile actions against it, had also refused to resume the six-party negotiations. Then on 27th May, 2009, it declared that North Korea was ‘not committed to the ceasing of hostilities‘ signed with the United States. This refusal was in response to South Korea’s participation in the American initiative to prevent nuclear proliferation. [al-Jazeerah: 31.05.09].
What is the reaction of the international community towards these events? Are these leading to an escalation of tensions and war…, or is a war ruled out; will negotiations be resumed?

7th Jumadah al thani, 1430 A.H


Question: Lately, the western media has speculated that the worst of the financial crisis is over and that the economies of some western countries are showing signs of economic recovery—the first green shoots, so to speak of. The media reports are often supported by economic experts and politicians who point to the buoyant stock markets, bank profits and the rise in the price of oil as evidence that the world economy has finally reached the bottom and is on the path of recovery. Hence the question arises is the western world really witnessing an economic revival or is it all media hype designed to instil confidence in the global financial system and prolong the crisis? And if this is the case, then why it is noticed such rise in the oil price, bank profits and buoyant stock markets? 

6 Jumadah 2nd 1430


The question:
On 19/5/2009 speaking on state television Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared victory against the Tamil Tigers. He said, “Our motherland has been completely liberated from separatist terrorism.” The state television also broadcasted images of the Tamil Tiger leader’s body after it was recovered from the battlefield. “A few hours ago, the body of terrorist leader (Velupillai) Prabhakaran, who ruined this country, was found on the battleground,” army Chief Gen. Sarath Fonseka told state television. In his victory speech the President Rajapaksa was anxious to strike a reconciliatory tone with Tamil people. He said,”Our intention was to save the Tamil people from the cruel grip of the (rebels). We all must now live as equals in this free country.”
What is the reality of the conflict in Sri Lanka? Is it a local or regional conflict or an international conflict? In who’s favor was the result of this conflict? Is it possible to say that the conflict in the island has come to an end or not?

28 Jumada Alola 1430


Question 1: The 21st Arab summit was held on Monday, 30th March, 2009 and instead of the scheduled 2 dyas of deliberations, it was all over in one day itself. How far can its resolutions be effective?

Question 2:  The Turkish President Abdullah Gül paid a two-day visit to Iraq on 23rd March, 2009. This was the first visit by a Turkish President to Iraq in 33 years. He met the Iraqi President Talibani and the Prime Minister Noori al Maliki as well as the Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani….

Question 3: Sheikh Shareef Ahmad has become the president of Somalia, so does this indicate the resurgence of the Shar’iah courts as they were two years ago. If it is so, why is the al-Shabab Mujahideen Movement opposed to them though they a part of the courts or at least very cloase to them? ....

6th Rabee al Thani. 1430 A.H


Question: On February 15 2009, the Pakistani government announced that it had reached an agreement with the supporters of Pakistani Taliban, Tehrik Nifaz-i-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM). The agreement contained provisions to enforce of Sharia law under the guise of Nizam-i-Adl Regulation’ in the Malakand region of Swat. In response the Taliban declared a truce to study the proposals. The Swat Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said, “Taliban have declared a unilateral ceasefire for 10 days as a goodwill gesture. Our fighters will not attack security personnel and government installations.” However, he added that the militants would hold their positions and defend themselves if attacked. The deal has drawn much criticism both at home and abroad.

So what lies behind the deal? Will it bring lasting peace to Swat?

26th of Safer 1430H


American President George Bush begins his Middle East tour tomorrow, Wednesday. He starts from Palestine on 9th January, 2008, then proceeds to Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE , Saudi Arabia and then to Egypt on 16th January before returning to Washington (D.C).

This visit has come amid publicity campaigns especially by Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority that Bush visit is aimed at forming a sovereign state with authority for the Palestinian Authority side by side with the Jewish state. How far are these reports authentic?

30th Dhil Hijjah, 1428 A.H


What has made America, which dominates power in Pakistan, approve amnesty for Bhutto and her return to Pakistan, despite the fact that her loyalties are with the British camp where she spent the last eight years?
Secondly, where is Pakistan headed in the midst of these events?

15th Shawwal 1428 A.H


Certain recent events in Tunisia raise question mark as to whether the country is headed for a change? Some of these events are:
- The Tunis media, and especially the ‘Tunis News’ and ‘Al-Wasat-at-Tunisiyyah’ have carried news indicating that Zine El Abidine is suffering from prostate cancer and there are no hopes of a cure. He is also reported to have traveled secretly to Europe for treatment.
- In August 2005, a Tunisian diplomat Kamel Morjane, who was working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), was appointed to head the Tunisian Defence Ministry. Soon after having taken charge as the MoD, Morjane began a fast-paced diplomatic campaign during which he concluded some very important agreements with the United States.

- In February 2006 the Donald Rumsfeld visited North African Arab countries including Tunisia, and Kamel Morjane reciprocated with his trip to the US later during the same year.

- In 2007, Nicholas Sarkozy, the new French President who is known to be close to the US, visited the region- this was his first trip outside Europe as president.

- In the month of July last, a delegation of US Congress paid visit to Tunisia.
- In late last July, a group of leaders belonging to the Tunisian An-Nahdhah Movement were set free.
- Recently, the US Deputy Chief of Staff Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. visited Tunisia last week and met with senior Tunisian officials, later a delegation of US officers followed his visit to Tunisia.
Does all this indicate that America has started to take a foothold in Tunisia?

21st Sha’ban, 1428 A.H


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