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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

The ‘Friends of Syria’ Conference is hostile to our people in Sham and circumvents the Syrian Revolution

On the eve of the opening session of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, the Tunisian Foreign Minister, who is considered on the Islamic side of the government, called to convene an international conference in Tunisia for Syria’s ‘friends’ on 24 February 2012. The proposed conference was to include the foreign ministers of member states of the Arab League, the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Conference and a number of the colonial countries headed by America. He sent a special invitation to both Russia and China, which was met with refusal of the invitation and a boycott of the conference.

This call comes after the Arab Foreign Ministers had discussed a draft resolution that included the termination of the Arab Observers Mission in Syria, and a call to the Security Council to send an international peacekeeping force there; besides tightening economic sanctions on the Syrian regime, and a call to stop all forms of diplomatic cooperation with Damascus.

Regarding this serious situation, we clarify to the Ummah in general, and to the people of Tunisia and Syria in particular, the following:

First: No sensible person of the Ummah, nor any observer of the course of its revolution against the dictators, would believe that the head of disbelief, America - whose hands are still stained with the blood of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan - seeks to protect our brothers in Syria or cares about them. Rather, it has become clear that the roar of the Syrian people in the face of despotic regime of Bashar, next to the Zionist entity is the matter that disturbed the United States and that has made it give great attention to the Syrian issue; and pretend to support the Syrian people after it had supported Bashar and his troops secretly and openly for so long.

Second: The major colonial powers participating today have been working against our people in Sham since the spark of the revolution started, though they have differed in their stances. Nothing gathers them except seeking their interests in this region in service of their projects. They do not care for the cries of the innocent Muslims, whose lives are lost day and night under the weight of the tanks and shells of the tyrant, Bashar.

Third: The ‘terrorism’ council, commonly called the ‘Security’ Council, and the ‘Hebrew’ league, commonly called the ‘Arab’ League are mere tools of conspiracy against the Syrian people by pretending to make it an Arab issue, so preventing the internationalization of the situation in Syria - and so slowing down the taking of crucial decisions, month after month. All of this has given the tyrannical regime more time to exterminate its people, until the point of they demand international intervention and seek rescuing from the disbelieving West; thus it would enter our country as a ‘salvation’ front.

Fourth: The Tunisian government - whose head embraced an internationally renowned Zionist, kissing him with joy on his arrival, so forgetting the words of Allah, the Almighty “O you who believe, do not take my enemy and your enemy as friends, where you show them affection” - has no real authority over its own affairs. The same is true of the rest of the Islamic world’s governments, which till today revolve in the orbit of Western politics, though some of their new leaders claim to be worthy of leading a revolution of the people or the Ummah. Today we see how Tunisia has become a magnet for those who turned against the peoples’ revolutions - namely the colonial Western countries.

Fifth: The completion of the course of the peoples’ revolutions of the Islamic Ummah against oppression and oppressors, whoever they are and wherever they are, and removal of the injustice of governance with other than the revelation of Allah, cannot be achieved by succumbing to the resolutions of the Security Council or the European Union, who are involved in the conspiracy and circumvention, nor to the Arab League which acts on behalf of its Western masters in passing their plans by supporting the agent transitional councils. Nor can these revolutions be completed, particularly the Syrian Revolution, through moving opposite to the course of history and the course of the Ummah. Rather, it would be completed by fulfilling the objectives of the revolution, whose strength and continuity are inspired from the hadith of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: «... Indeed the centre of the believers’ house is Sham». Its sons and their steadfastness and struggle against the West and its agents in their country are inspired by their trust in Allah and His Messenger where he says (saw):« Indeed Allah has guaranteed to me Sham and its people ».

O Muslims:

This ominous conference supervised by Hillary Clinton is only to throw dust in the eyes of the people and to cover up the crime of the rulers and their betrayal of the Ummah and her sons, and to cover up their non-response to the verse:” And if they seek your help in the matter of deen, you are obliged to help”. Otherwise they would have sent the armies that are stationed in their barracks, to help the people of Sham, and for stopping the waterfall of blood that flows on its pure land daily. This would have happened had they still had some glory or magnanimity. Yet the like of these insisted to continue misleading their own people.

O Muslims:

Hizb ut-Tahrir is here among you and works with you in the different countries of the Islamic world, and reminds you of the obligation to your Lord, and the glad tidings of your Prophet, peace be upon him, that the second rightly guided Khilafah on the way of prophethood will be the culmination of your revolutions against the enforced regimes in the Islamic lands. And that Sham will be the bedrock of Islam, as our Prophet, peace be upon him, told us. Unity will be on the basis of the great ideology of Islam. And the resumption of living by its system will be the aim that we hope Allah will achieve to us soon.

They ask you: when it will be? Say: It may be soon. So, work to reject the manmade constitutions that perpetuate the injustice of governance with other than the revelation of Allah; and to rule instead with the law of the Lord of worlds manifested in an Islamic constitution that puts an end to these schemes and detours. Choose from amongst you the best of you who are capable to assume the burden of this trust, so that you win in this world and in the Hereafter.

03 Rabi’ II 1433




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