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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

Oh Muslims! India is an enemy state and only the KHILAFAH can confront her aggression

India has launched an economic war against the people of Bangladesh. She is using rice as her weapon. For the past several months she has been conducting this malicious war taking advantage of our government’s failure to solve the problem of rice shortage. First she imposed a ban and then put stringent conditions on export of rice to Bangladesh. Then she embarked on stalling the export of rice by increasing the price almost everyday. We find that one day she is demanding $400 per ton, another day it is $500 and the next day it is $600. The truth of the matter is that these are a part of India’s war games in order to put pressure on the people of Bangladesh so that they accept any kind of treachery from their government.

It does not come as a surprise to any of us that India is behaving with such haughtiness. This disbelieving polytheist state has been conducting wars against the people of Bangladesh and the Muslims on many fronts for more than fifty years in a manner similar to her sister, the Jewish state of Israel. BSF killings in the border regions, Farrakha and Tipaimukh dam, illegal occupation of Kashmir, Talpotti, and the massacre in Gujarat are amongst countless examples of aggressive policies and wars by India against the Muslim Ummah including the Muslims of Bangladesh.

Oh People!

The reason which allows India to behave with such haughtiness is the slavish foreign policy pursued by our rulers for decades. Our governments – past and present – have constantly been surrendering to Indian aggression. Just look at the actions of the government of Fakhruddin Ahmed. For months this government has been begging at the doors of India for rice rather than look for alternative options. Then the government succumbed to India’s pressure for air transit. They permitted Indian navy ships to enter Chittagong port in the name of so-called ‘goodwill’ visit. Furthermore they are making agreements to use our armed forces to conduct joint military operations to fight the Indian rebels. Now they are giving warm reception to Indian generals led by the Jewish Lt General JFR Jacob. And let us not forget how this government humiliated the armed forces of Bangladesh by sending the Army Chief to negotiate with India who made a mockery of him by sending him back with a ‘gift’ of horses!

Oh Muslims!

We must reject this ruling system which surrenders our interests to India and the imperialists. Abandon this ruling system which has made our livelihood reliant upon India.

Do not remain silent upon the humiliation of our armed forces who are the sons of Khalid bin Walid and Salah Uddin Ayyubi. Do not accept our armed forces – the brave sons of Bakhtiyar Khalji and Awrangzeb – to fight India’s war against her rebel forces. Do not bow down to Indian pressure. We must stop begging at her doors. India is an enemy state and you must treat her as such. She will never be a friend to you. Let no one make you forget this fact. Do not allow a Musharraf to be born in this land. Pay heed to the ayat of Allah (SWT):

“Verily you will find the strongest among mankind in enmity to the believers, the Jews and those who are polytheists ……”
(TMQ 5:82)

“O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies as friends, showing them affection while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the Truth……”
(TMQ 60:1)

Oh Muslims!

The only effective way to deal with India is to establish the KHILAFAH state. The KHALIFAH will pursue a visionary foreign policy; build a self-sufficient economy and a strong army to challenge India’s haughtiness and aggression. So rush towards establishing this Khilafah state which will bring you honour, might and glory.

“O you who believe, Answer the call of Allah and His messenger when He calls you to that which gives you life”
(TMQ 8:24)

21 Rabee’ ul-Awwal 1429 AH


Hizb ut-Tahrir




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