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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

America Targets Bangladesh
O Muslims! Resist the American crusade
and stand with Hizb ut Tahrir in doing so

On 05 October 2009 the American embassy in a press release announced that the American and Bangladesh militaries are participating in a joint exercise, “Tiger Shark”, in the Chittagong Division through November. According to the press release units from the Bangladesh Navy and the U.S. military will train on counter terrorism and combating piracy and maritime and coastal threats during this exercise. In addition, another press release from the embassy issued on 02 November 2009 stated that U.S. Army Lieutenant General Benjamin R. Mixon, Commanding General, U.S. Army, Pacific, and Vice Admiral John M. Bird, Commander, U.S. Navy 7th Fleet, and U.S. Marine Corps Major General Randolph D. Alles, Director for Strategic Planning and Policy at the U. S. Pacific Command will visit Dhaka separately in early November to strengthen bilateral security cooperation. They will meet with the Bangladesh Army and Navy Chiefs of Staff and senior government officials. Their discussions will focus on interoperability, readiness in the region, security force assistance, and bilateral approaches to maintaining regional stability.

The joint exercise is aptly named ‘Tiger Shark’ as the American military’s presence in any country in the world is the same as a predator hunting and killing its prey. Indeed this exercise and other so-called security cooperation are nothing less than a malicious design by America to prevent the rise of Islam and subjugate the Muslims so that she can implement her strategic design for the region. Anyone with a slight awareness of regional geo-politics will notice that America is worried about the increasing strength of China. She is also doubtful about the so-called strategic partnership with India. America considers Bangladesh’s strategic location between China and India as vital to her regional plan. Therefore America wants to consolidate her foothold in Bangladesh and subjugate its Muslims which would allow her to achieve her own selfish interests to contain China and closely monitor India. On top of that we are witnessing how America is relentless in her crusade against the rise of Islam in the world including this region. Thus American presence in the region is part of her design to delay the re-establishment of the Khilafah in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Indonesia where the call for Khilafah by Hizb ut Tahrir has gained strong support among the people and the party is close to achieving its goal. America knows very well that the return of the Khilafah would be the beginning of her end – the end of her crusade against the Muslims and her dominion in the world.

وقد مكروا مكرهم وعند الله مكرهم وإن كان مكرهم لتزول منه الجبال
“Indeed, they planned their plot, and their plot was with Allah, though their plot was not such as to remove the mountains from their places” [TMQ Surah Ibrahim: 46]

In order to execute her goals America is keen to control the army, navy and air force of Bangladesh. Her strategy to achieve this is through cunning and stealth so that she does not appear in her true face, invader America. Thus she is taking her steps one at a time but without resting. So during the tenure of so-called 1/11 government of Fakhruddin backed by Moeenuddin the American military conducted a survey of the Bangladesh border region with the flimsy excuse of identifying routes used by ‘militants’. Then the American navy ships were sent to the Bay of Bengal at the time of cyclone Sidr in the name of humanitarian assistance but they were forced to leave when Hizb ut Tahrir mobilized the people. After that America entered a compromise with Britain-India and agreed to put Sheikh Hasina in power through the elections in December 2008 which she ordered her agent BNP alliance to accept the results without any protest. And when the government colluded with India to massacre the army officers in BDR, America at that time made swift moves to establish her own dominance and full control over the government and the Bangladesh Army. She made sure that the army stood by, only to watch the brilliant officers be killed brutally, so that any reaction from the army would not adversely affect American interests. Recently America ordered the Bangladesh government to build an airbase in Cox’s Bazaar which will only serve her purpose for the region. This is in addition to the fact that America is also maneuvering to establish her naval presence in the Bay of Bengal.

O Muslims!
Know that this joint-exercise is not the end; rather it is only the beginning. Wherever the American military landed, they have kindled the fires of war. Ever since America launched her crusade against the Muslims after 9/11 she set about destroying one Muslim country after another. First she occupied and destroyed Afghanistan in the name of ‘war on terror.’ After that she mobilized her war machine against the Muslims of Iraq under the pretext of destroying ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ But they have destroyed nothing but people’s lives, homes, schools and hospitals. And we are now witnessing how the Americans are destabilizing Pakistan through bomb blasts which they accuse are carried out by the Taliban but are in fact the work of their own intelligence agencies and security firms such as Blackwater. On the other hand they are making their agents Zardari and Gilani to use the Muslim soldiers of Pakistan to fight their own brothers in Swat, Waziristan etc.  Now the Americans have landed on the shores of Bangladesh with their hands drenched in the blood of hundreds and thousands of Muslims.

With regards to the claim of ‘training on counter terrorism and combating piracy and maritime and coastal threats during this exercise’ this is nothing but a ridiculous American joke! Everyone who observes American policy and her actions all over the world and in particular in the Muslim world knows that the source of terrorism is America herself. And the one who is supporting and using the pirates in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea is America herself to threaten her competitors, the Europeans and Russians.

O Muslims!
You must realize that the United States is an enemy state that works round the clock to subvert the interests of the Islamic Ummah. America is an enemy to the Muslims whether you are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh. America is making plans against you as Muslims whether you are part of a political party or not; whether you are a member of Hizb ut Tahrir, Awami League, or BNP. Allah (swt) says:

ما يود الذين كفروا من أهل الكتاب ولا المشركين أن ينزل عليكم من خير من ربكم
“Neither those who disbelieve among the People of the Scripture nor Al-Mushrikun like that there should be sent unto you any good from your Lord” [TMQ Surah Al-Baqarah: 105]

So raise your voice against the American enemy and the government’s subservience to her. Otherwise your silence only gives strength to America enabling her to execute her plans. If they are not stopped immediately and decisively they will achieve an upper hand from which they can inflict greater harm. Allah (swt) warned the Muslims,

إن يثقفوكم يكونوا لكم أعداء ويبسطوا إليكم أيديهم وألسنتهم بالسوء وودوا لو تكفرون
“Should they gain the upper hand over you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you with evil, and they desire that you should disbelieve.” [TMQ Surah Al-Mumtahanah: 2]

O Intellectuals, Ulama, Politicians, and the Sincere People of Power!
You must refuse any cooperation with the colonialist political and military officials. You must resist America before it is too late. Before she consolidates her foothold in the country like she has done in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. And stand with Hizb ut Tahrir and give your support to the party in re-establishing the Khilafah which will rule by the Qur’an and Sunnah, build a strong military and eliminate US and Britain-India’s control over the Muslim Ummah. 

Truly, Allah (swt) out of His infinite mercy has blessed you with a golden opportunity to establish the second Khilafah Rashida and secure a place in Jannah. The last time such a noble opportunity arose was at the time of the RasulAllah (saw) when the Ansar hastened to pledge their allegiance to him (saw) at Aqabah, giving him (saw) the support for the establishment of the first Khilafah state. It is reported in the seerah books: The Ansar asked, “O RasulAllah, what is our reward, if we honour our word?” The Prophet (saw) said, “Jannah”. They responded, “Hold out your hand,” so the Prophet (saw) held out his hand and they made the pledge. So how many of you are ready to emulate the actions of the Ansar and follow in the footsteps of men like Sa’ad ibn Ma’adh (ra), the leader and the general of the Ansar? When Sa’ad (ra) died, his mother wept and the RasulAllah (saw) told her, “Your tears would recede and your sorrow be lessened if you know that your son is the first person for whom Allah smiled and the heavens trembled.” [At-Tabarani]

يا أيها الذين آمنوا استجيبوا لله وللرسول إذا دعاكم لما يحييكم
O you who believe! Answer the call of Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life [TMQ Surah Anfal: 24]

18 Dhul Qadah 1430 Hijri


Hizb ut Tahrir




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