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Islamic Thought

Hizb ut Tahrir

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Islam is a Specific Way of Living

Ideology (al-Mabda’)

Criterion of Actions (Miqyas ula’mal)

Religiousness is an Instinct

The duty of sufficiency is a duty upon every Muslim

La ilah illa Allah means: There is no one to be worshipped except Allah

Rizq is in the Hand of Allah

Confinement by the Ahkam Shar’eeah is obliged by the belief in Islam

Death does not occur except with the End of Ajal (life-term)

Jihad is a duty upon all Muslims

The Five Rules

Method of Thinking

Al-qadariyyah a-ghaybiyyah (Fatalism)

The Concepts of Islam are Controls for Man’s behaviour in Life

Penal Code in Islam ( Punishments in Islam)

Tamyeez Ghareezi (Instinctive Discernment)

Fear (Khawf)

The Reality (Waqi’) and the Concept (Mafhoom)are what agitates the Instincts

Islam is Concepts for Life and not Information only

Personality (Ash-Shakhsiyyah)

Islamic Personality

Du’a in IslamMaslaha (interest) exists wherever Shar’ exists

Rules (Ahkam) or Worships (‘Ibadat) are Tawqifi

Thought (Fikr)The Meaning of Sanctification (Taqdees)
‘Ismah of the Rasool

It is invalid on the part of the Rasool (saw) to be a Mujtahid

Disciplines (Sciences) of Psychology, Society and Education

The Scientific Method and the Rational Method

Political Awareness

Spiritual Power is the Most Effective

The Intellectual Style and the Literary Style