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Funds in the Khilafah State

(Al-Amwal fi Dowlat Al- Khilafah)

2nd edition

Abdul- Qadeem Zalloom

1408 AH - 1988 CE

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The Bait ul-Mal

Funds of the Khilafah State

The Funds (Amwal) of Sadaqat

Currencies (An-Nuqud)


As Islam, with which Allah (swt) to His Messenger Muhammad (saw), is a system of life, and a message for the whole world, it is absolutely necessary for it to have a State which implements it and carries it to the world. Islam has made this State the Khilafah State, and made it of a distinct form and a unique structure which differs from the structure of all the States in the world. It is different in its pillars upon which it is established, in the structures that it is formed of, in its constitution and laws that are taken from the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of His Messenger (saw)  which are obligatory for the Khalifah and the Ummah to adhere to, implement and restrict themselves to, because they are from the Shar’a of Allah (swt)  and not from the legislation of the people. Islam has entrusted the Khilafah State with the duty of taking care of the affairs of the Ummah, and entrusted it to be in charge of administering the funds received by the State and their expenditure such as to look after the affairs of the people of the citizens and the carrying of the Da’wah. The divine evidences have explained the sources of the State’s financial revenues, their types and how they are collected, in the same way they clarified the beneficiaries of these funds and the areas over which they are spent.

We discuss in this book ‘The Funds in the Khilafah State’ and their rules.

We explain their sources and types, from where they are collected, the time of their collection and the way they are collected, and the sections in which they are kept. We also explain those who are entitled to these funds and theareas of their expenditure.

Since the record of these funds and their collection requires the knowledge of the lengths, areas, measures and weights, we address that so as to become quite clear in a way that determines their reality and removes any vagueness about them. We evaluate these funds in lengths, areas, measures and weights that are used today, so that they are easily followed and fairly understood, far from any complications.

Since the monetary aspect has a special importance in the funds of the Khilafah State, because it is linked to the divine rules, we address it and explain its reality, the basis upon which it is established, the units that are related to, together with their weights, and also the problems faced and the way of solving these problems.

The rules of the funds of the Khilafah State are derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, after study and scrutiny of the sayings of the Sahabah, the Tabi’een (the followers) and their followers and the opinions of the Mujtahideen. All this is done based on the evidences proven to be the strongest in our view; for the divine rules are adopted based on the least amount of doubt (Ghalabat uz-Zun) without the stipulation of the evidences being definitive as is required when establishing the creed.

We ask Allah (swt)  to help us and make it easy for us to put these rules into application in the coming Khilafah State. Indeed He is our protector (Mawla), and indeed He  is the best protector and the best Helper.