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The American Campaign to Suppress Islam

Hizb ut Tahrir
1416 AH / 1996 CE

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Introduction 5
Pillars of the American Campaign 11
Democracy 15
Pluralism 18
Human Rights 20
Freedom of Belief 24
Freedom of Expression 26
Freedom of Ownership 29
Personal Freedom 31
Free Market Policies 35
Conclusion 39


Ideologies do not end by the downfall of the states which embrace them, even if this downfall led to the break up and fragmentation of the states, rather they terminate when their nations and peoples renounce them and embrace other ideologies and start moulding their lives on their basis.This is what happened with Marxism-Socialism; all the nations and people which the Eastern camp was composed of abandoned it, and turned to Capitalism and started to build their lives upon its basis.

However, Islam, as an ideology, remained existent universally after the destruction of its state,the ‘Uthmani Khilafah, in 1924 CE, because the Islamic Ummah with all her different peoples continued to embrace this ideology despite the fact that it was removed from their practical lives and from the international sphere.The ideology remains present in the world as long as there is an Ummah who embraces it, even though this Ummah does not implement its systems for reasons beyond its will.However, it ceases to exist internationally if there is no state to convey it, and to direct international policies upon its basis. Accordingly the Islamic ideology has existed in the world from the time that the Islamic Ummah in Madinah was formed on its basis, after the Hijrah of the Messenger  to Madinah where the first Islamic State was built. It continued to exist internationally since that date until the demise of the ‘Uthmani Khilafah in the first quarter of this century.

America had endeavoured to make the Capitalist ideology the basis of international relations, traditions and laws,since the establishment of the United Nations, when it made the Capitalist traditions the cornerstone of the convention of this international organization.Yet in reality America could not succeed in achieving this goal whilst the Soviet Union still led the Eastern camp on the basis of Socialism and imposed the presence of its ideology internationally and in the world.

So Moscow was able to prevent the absolute domination of Capitalism internationally by exploiting the hardship and slavery suffered by colonized nations and peoples which resulted from the oppression, injustice and greed of the colonialist Western states. So it waged a fierce campaign world-wide in which it portrayed colonialism in its true ugly face,by making colonialism and Capitalism synonymous and expounding that the way for liberation from colonialism was only through Socialist revolution.This campaign succeeded greatly to the extent that many people started to incline towards Socialism. The states which gained independence and freed themselves from colonialism, by its old face, raised the slogan of Socialism.

However, America realised that the old face of colonialism would be a danger to the Western international powers, and to Capitalism as an ideology.Therefore, it cunningly worked to contain the aspirations of the nations and the peoples towards Socialism and it started itself
to help these nations and peoples rid themselves of the overt form of European colonialism, and started to restrict those independent states with a new vicious form of colonialism based on an indirect economic,political and cultural hegemony which was represented in military accords, alliances, mutual security agreements,economic and financial aid and cultural programs. Thus, under the flags of independence and liberation a new colonialism replaced the old colonialism. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and Socialism, the international arena became open for Capitalism and there was no longer any resistance to the sole domination of Capitalism internationally.

The Islamic Ummah is the only nation from amongst the non-Capitalist nations which has an ideology which she embraces, despite the fact that currently she neither lives according to it nor conveys it to the world. Therefore the American campaign to make Capitalism solely dominate the world is not met by real resistance except in the Islamic world.  All the current governments in the Islamic world do not implement Islam, even though some of them claim to do so, but instead implement Capitalism in a distorted form.

...the Kaafir West still recalls how Islam transformed Arabs from fighting tribes living at the margin of history into a civilised, distinguished Ummah, with a civilisation that illuminated the world, an Ummah which was able to become the master of the world in a short span of time and continued to be so for ten centuries spreading justice, security, high values and prosperity, in every place that the standard of the Khilafah was raised. Therefore the West fears that the Islamic Ummah would make a return again and destroy its influence and interests not over its land but over the whole globe. Upon America and the West realising this fact, the American campaign is directed primarily against the Islamic Ummah despite the fact that the campaign is on a world wide scale.

Notwithstanding all these motives the principle motive behind this campaign is the potential threat from the Islamic Ummah against the interests of the West, and its international influence as well as upon its very existence once the Islamic Ummah wakes up, revives, and carries her message to the world.