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How the Khilafah was Destroyed

Abdul Qadeem Zallum

1421 AH / 2000 CE

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The struggle between Islam and Kufr

The conspiracies of the European countries
against the Islamic State

Arousing the nationalist chauvinism and
the separatist tendencies

The missionary and the cultural invasion

The attempt at introducing the Western constitutional rules

Adopting the Western laws

The impact of the cultural and legislative invasion

The Allies’ attempt at enticing Jamal Pasha

Mustafa Kemal works towards the withdrawal of
the State from the war and the signing of a peace treaty

The capitulation of the Ottoman State

The British attempt to destroy the Khilafah
through political and legal actions

Britain backs the rebellion of Mustafa Kemal

Mustafa Kemal’s return to the rebellion
through a second phase

Separating the Sultanate from the Khilafah

The fatal blow

The vital issues according to Islam

Establishing the Khilafah and the rule by what Allah has
revealed is the vital issue for the Muslims