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6 Sha’ban 1433 AH


1st Jumadah al Oula, 1433 A.H


Rabii II 18, 1433 H.


16 Rab’I II 1433


20 Rabi’ II 1433


22nd Safar, 1433 A.H


07 Safar 1433


06 Safar 1433


14 Muharram 1433


22 Ramadan 1432


30 Sha’aban 1432


19 Sha’aban 1432


What events resulted in Iran agreeing to enriching (Uranium) outside its territories in Turkey and to sign an agreement to that effect with Brazil and Turkey?

4th Jumadah al-thania, 1431 A.H


Many things have quickly materialised in Kyrgyzstan. The Opposition moved to oust Bakiyev on 08/04/2010 and succeeded in doing so. They seized authority and Bakiyev fled to his hometown in the south of the country. Then today, the 16/04/2010, he forwarded his resignation and left for Kazakistan. At the same time one of the first countries to recognize the revolution and ‘bless’ it was Russia such that the interim Prime Minister Roza Otunbayeva engaged in official (phone) talks between herself and the Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin on Thursday 08/04/2010, the very day the interim government took control. This means that Russia is behind what has occurred. If this is correct then how is it that Russia has ousted Bakiyev whilst she herself brought him to power in the revolution against Akayev in 2005, and supported his most recent election on 23/07/2009? Was his not closing the American military based in Manas the cause which provoked Russia to oust him?

02 Jumada al-Awwal 1431 AH


Question: The second phase of the presidential elections was held in Ukraine on 2nd February, 2010. In the first phase of the polls, Victor Yusichenko, who had come to power in the wake of the ‘Orange Revolution’, bagged merely 5% of the votes and in the second phase, he was unable to compete. While Yanukovych and Tymoshenko won 35% and 25% of the votes in the first phase and entered the second round. Indeed Victor Yanukovych who is pro-Russia and has served earlier as Prime Minister and also as President in 2004 polled 48% of the votes in the second round against his rival Tymoshenko who bagged 46% of votes, and thus he has again become the president of the republic. Does this mean the end of the era of the ‘Orange Revolution’ and return of Ukraine in the Russian lobby? How will the US-Russian rivalry affect Ukraine in the coming era?

4th Rabee ul Awwal, 1431 A.H


Question: Military Sources in Niger announed on Thursday, 18th February that soldiers led by Major Adam Haroun staged military coup against President Mohammed Tanja and declared that the the president and members of government have been detained at aplace in the vicinity of the presential palace in the capital Niami. The also annopunced the suspension of the constitution and dissolution of governmental establishments. Is this miliatary coup similar to others coups in the past in Niger which have been due to local conflicts between the influential French agents in this former French colony, or is it a reflection of international conconflict? May Allah reward you!

6th Rabee’ ul Awwal, 1431 A.H


Question: On January 29th, 2010, the Obama administration announced that the US Congress has been informed of its plan to sell 6.40 billion dolloars of weapons to Taiwan which include Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles, mine hunter ships and information technology for F-16 fighter aircrafts.

16th Safar, 1431 A.H


Question: Of late, a near-constant tension between the Peoples Movement and the National Conference: the peoples movement held the Juba Conference together with the opposition forces, also the intense debates are being held and processions are being organised… This is despite the fact that the Peoples Movement is in power and not in the opposition. Further, the European and African visits by Salva Kiir Mayardit. Moreover the reports regarding the failure of the US envoy Scott Gration, and the parliament’s decision this week regarding National Security Law despite the opposition of the SPLM. Further, today, December 22nd, 2009, the parliament approved the National Referendum Law during its session which was boycotted by the SPLM. Can it be said that this is a real conflict is between the SPLM and the Peoples Conference? And if so, does this mean that the Peoples Movements loyalty has shifted from the US to Europe and especially tilted towards Britain? Or otherwise, this is a mere outward tension being stage-managed by the US?

5th Muharram 1431 A.H


12th Shawwal, 1431 A.H


Question: Recently there has been some analyses in the media, especially the European and the American media regarding the next Egyptian president to succeed Hosni Mubarak who reportedly will not be renominated for the presidential elections scheduled in 2011 C.E. These reports have cited the names of Gamal Mubarak, Ayman Nour, Mohammed El-Baradaei and Amr Moussa among others, and among them Gamal Mubarak and Ayman Nour’s names are being touted as favourites…
We know that Jamal Mubarak has his loyalties to the US just like his father, does Ayman Nour also shares the same loyalty especially because he was released from his previous detention just before Obama’s visit to Egypt? Or is Ayman Nour loyal to the Europeans? If this is correct, then does this mean that Europe and especially Britain are looking forward to get a foothold in Egyprt after all these years of American stronghold in Egypt?

28th Dhul Hijjah, 1430 A.H


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