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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

Policy Regarding Baluchistan Turmoil
January 2013, Rabii ul- Awwal 1434 AH

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah / Pakistan has issued the following Publicized Policy Position (PPP) over the violent unrest in Baluchistan in which many Muslims have been killed.

A. PREAMBLE: Baluchistan and its people are a neglected treasure for the Ummah and Pakistan

Baluchistan and its people are a treasure for the Islamic Ummah. Its people embraced Islam such that the entire province was under the Khilafah Rashidah. Its people are staunch in their Islam and fiercely resisted the British colonialist invasion. They are a noble and respected people who love Islam until today. In Pakistan the lands of Baluchistan are over forty percent of Pakistan, though Baluchistan’s population is around seven per cent. It is located on the border with Afghanistan, so it is crucial for the stability of Afghanistan and Central Asia beyond it. It possesses the Gwadar Deep Sea Port which enhances our navy’s sea projection. Baluchistan contains gas in such abundance that it meets one third of Pakistan’s needs. Saidik mines currently yields 15,000 tonnes of copper ore daily and if the Reko Diq fields are developed properly Pakistan will be one of the world’s leading copper producer and a world-class gold producer, with reserves of 21 million ounces according to conservative estimates. However, Baluchistan remains deprived of what Islam mandates as basic needs, food, clothing and shelter. It is deprived of other responsibilities of the state such as road infrastructure, health facilities and education. On top of all this it has been subjected to great turmoil, with Muslims of various schools of thought, race and language being assassinated regularly. This neglect is a legacy of the British Raj invasion that allowed development only in its seat of power and left the rest to neglect, so it could maintain control by force over a deprived population.

B. POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Colonialist plan for Baluchistan is the cause of its misery

America’s plan for Baluchistan mirrors that of the British Raj: policing by force, exploiting the resources and keeping the population deprived and downtrodden. Washington is implementing this plan with the assistance of traitors within Pakistan’s military and political leadership throughout decades of Pakistan’s existence.

. America advocates the democratic system for Pakistan which itself is the cause of neglect of minorities. Democracy is based on the idea of the majority so minorities, whether based on language, race or religion, are neglected. Democracy encourages minorities to group together as factions in a bid to fight for their rights, whether on the basic of sectarianism or nationalism. And America then fans the nationalist and sectarian strife, through political and financial means, as part of the colonialist divide and rule policy.

B2. America has economic interests within Baluchistan. During the time of Musharraf, the US Presidency announced America’s desire for foreign companies to exploit the huge resources of Baluchistan. And these companies have only accelerated their activities under the Kayani-Zardari regime.

B3. America has strategic interests within Baluchistan and in neighboring Afghanistan. America must maintain its military footprint in Afghanistan beyond 2015, despite its claims otherwise. America recruited its Afghan puppet Karzai from Baluchistan’s capital, Quetta, and it has deployed marines on the Chaman border. Its intelligence has presence within the region and its military have used bases within Baluchistan for air forces and drones. Its Raymond Davis network reaches this region and supervises the assassinations and bombings with the assistance of the Kayani and Zardari regime.

America requires assistance from Pakistan’s armed forces in order to secure its presence within Baluchistan. It has created an atmosphere of Fitna within the province to provoke the armed forces into deployment within the region. Simultaneously our armed forces will be ensnared and our people thrown into the fires of chaos, so America can fulfill its interests undisturbed and unchallenged.

C. LEGAL INJUCTIONS: Pertaining to achieving security and prosperity for Baluchistan

Islam will end the democratic system of ruling which has resulted in the neglect of Baluchistan. The Khilafah is not a police state that governs by force, exercising persecution, abduction and torture of its citizens who have been given rights by their Creator (swt). It earns the loyalty of all the citizens, regardless of race or school of thought, by governing by that which they hold dearest, Islam, reassuring them by providing the evidences from the Quran and Sunnah for all that is implemented. In addition, Islam’s Khilafah system is a unitary system which governs all of its citizens by Islam without discrimination, regardless of them being a majority or a minority. Islam uniquely bonded compassion and mercy between people of many different languages and races, molding them into a single Ummah during the era of the Khilafah. The non-Muslim citizens were fiercely loyal to the Khilafah, due to its justice and securing of their rights.

As Hizb ut Tahrir has declared in its Introduction to the Constitution, Article 6, “The State is forbidden to discriminate at all between the individuals in terms of ruling, judiciary and management of affairs or their like. Rather, every individual should be treated equally regardless of race, Deen, colour or anything else.” And in Article 13, Hizb ut Tahrir has declared, “In origin, every individual is innocent. No one should be punished without a court verdict. It is absolutely forbidden to torture anyone; and anyone who does this will be punished.”

C2. The Khilafah is a unitary system and not a federal system, so funding for a particular region is not decided by the population, poverty or land area alone. It is decided upon the needs of the people, which include food, clothing, shelter, education, health communications and transport. The public properties such as gas, copper and gold are resources that must be utliised for the benefit of all the citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims, rather than being given over to private foreign and local companies for personal benefit.

As Hizb ut Tahrir has declared in its Introduction to the Constitution, in Article 16, “The system of ruling is a unitary system and not a federal system.” And in its book “The Institutions of State in the Khilafah - In Ruling and Administration” Hizb ut Tahrir has adopted, “The finance of all the regions will be the same, as will their budget. Funds are spent equally on the affairs of the subjects, regardless of their Wilayah. If for instance, the taxes collected in one Wilayah were double its expenditure, the funds spent will be to cover the Wilayah’s needs but not according to how much tax raised. If another Wilayah’s taxes fell short of its expenditure, this would not be taken into consideration, and funds will be spent to satisfy the Wilayah’s needs from the general budget whether it raised enough taxes or not.

C3. Islam will end the colonialist presence in Baluchistan which is the cause of the unrest. Regarding the foreign hostile presence in Baluchistan, the Khilafah will end it decisively and permanently by closing all American consulates, embassies, bases and deporting all of its officials. It will end all contacts with officials of foreign hostile powers to cut off any influence.

As Hizb ut Tahrir has declared in its Introduction to the Constitution, Article 189, “States with whom we do not have treaties, and the actual imperialist states, such as Britain, America and France, and those states that have designs on the State, such as Russia, are legally considered to be belligerent states. All precautions must be taken towards them and it would be wrong to establish diplomatic relations with them. Their subjects may enter the Islamic State, but only with a passport and a visa specific to every individual and for every visit, unless they become practically belligerent.”

Note: Please refer to the following Articles of Hizb ut Tahrir’s Introduction to the Constitution for the complete evidences from Quran and Sunnah: 6, 13, 16, 189.

D. POLICY: Raising Baluchistan to its rightful position

D1. Earning the loyalty of all Muslims of its territories through the implementation of their dearest possession, the Islamic belief. Earning the loyalty of non-Muslims through securing their rights by Islam.

D2. Removing the presence of the real internal threat to the country, the American presence.

D3. Generating huge revenues for development of all regions by preventing private ownership of Pakistan’s abundant energy and mineral resources.



16 Rabi’ I 1434 AH


Hizb ut Tahrir  


Wilayah of Pakistan


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