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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

ISIS Organization Fell into a Trap with its Declaration of “Caliphate”, and will not Change it from being an Organization

On the first of Ramadan of the current Hijri year of 1435, corresponding to 29/06/2014 CE, Abu Mohammed Adnani the spokesman in the “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” organization, declared the state of the Islamic Caliphate. He announced that the people of power and influence (Ahl Al-Hal Wa Al-Aqd) of notables and leaders, princes and the Shura Council in the “Islamic State” pledged allegiance (Bayah) for Khilafah to their Ameer Ibrahim Awad al-Badri, nicknamed “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”. And that the latter accepted the Bayah, and so he became- as stated- the caliph to the Muslims, and that the duty of all Muslims is to give Bayah and obedience to him.

This grave mistake of declaring the Caliphate did not surprise us, because it was expected its issuance by an organization accustomed to escape forward after it did not find acceptance among Muslims; since it considered itself an Islamic state due obedience after announcing the “Islamic State of Iraq” and then announced the annexation of Jabhat al-Nusra to it, to become the “Islamic State of Iraq and Ash-Sham”. That declaration of Caliphate came after the occurrence of what resembles a revolutionary uprising in Iraq on Al-Maliki’s unfair policies which involved several parties of the Arab tribes and Baathists officers… and matters were arranged and then tightened by the planners. So by a secret agreement with the working officers, they left their military equipment, and were defeated in front of rebels, leaving behind heavy weapons, and billions in the bank of Al-Mosul! This was followed by a major media amplification, and the suggestion that the ISIS organization was behind these victories… So this organization assumed that by its belief it had liberated the country, and by its determination it looted money and ordnance! And that the Earth became inviting them to rule it, and the Caliphate is waiting for them to announce it. They did not pay attention, giving them good thought, that it is only a luring from the West for them to this killer trap; a declaration of Caliphate to distort it!

O Muslims in Syria Ash-Sham the Abode of Islam…

What occurred is nothing more than a new episode in a series of acts, aimed at eliminating the great Khilafah project. This is after the development of the revolutionary situation in Syria into an overwhelming demand for Khilafah, and the leanness of the secular project, which is not left for the few remaining of them, represented by the National Coalition, any recognized popularity… Until the West reached to a degree of panic that made it certain that a Western secular solution will not see light except after hitting the overwhelming Islamic case in Syria; that is dangerous to the interests of the West and its influence.

We were well aware that the last bullet in the quiver of the Kaffir West, be launched towards the Khilafah project, is the establishment of something it calls it Khilafah, but what Khilafah is that? It is Khilafah that deforms Khilafah, and alienates ordinary Muslims of the Khilafah. And then the West will bring it down if it wants to bring it down by the hands of the Muslims themselves, to fall off after that in the hearts of hundreds of millions of those demanding it. We have all heard what lately was stated by Mohammed Ebiary, adviser to President Barack Obama when he said: “The return of the Khilafah is inevitable, and the only option for the U.S. is to contain it”...

We also recognized that such Khilafah would not be established by secularists, because it would be absurd from the first day… but will be established by people who are Muslims, their blood on their palms, fighting those opposing them… And this is what actually happened… Perhaps the biggest mistake made by the owners of this state is that they believe that they are the victorious group, and they are Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah, and other Muslims, are people of bid’ah and astray, if not the people of apostasy and hypocrisy.

The state is not just to announce it, or preach it, or punish those who violate it among its people. Rather, it is institutions, systems and establishments; it does its duties and then takes its right… It is a comprehensive constitution and clear laws, on which basis the governor is held accountable before the governed… It is an executive entity that derives its authority and legitimacy from the Muslims, and not imposed on them without their consent… It is an army, police, governors, judges and employees… It is safety and security, in a known capital governed by an able competent Imam with apparent authority, whoever asks for him finds him. It is a Bayah of Ahl Al-Hal Wa Al-Aqd given to him with satisfaction and choice, if he is eligible for the Bayah.

However, declaration - after more than ninety years of loss - of a Khilafah that is unreal, with no elements of it on the ground, no known capital, no apparent authority, and no awareness of its owners on Sharia’ law or politics… then this by Allah is manipulation with the feelings of Muslims, destroying their hopes, burning the nerves, and an incinerator of their youth, and a service to their enemies.

In conclusion, we say to our people in Ash-Sham the abode of Islam:

The mill of cunning and machination on you is still revolving in the embassies of Western countries and its agents. They want to sacrifice your revolution and your revolutionaries on the altar of employment, treason and hostility to religion… So wake up and beware of calls for fighting among yourselves which they invite you to it, and do not make of yourselves servants to your enemies, while you do not know… One remains in the affluence of his religion unless he pours impermissible (Haram) blood… There is no way for us in the face of this devilish project, except to adhere to the idea of Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood, work strenuously for it, and have awareness of the tricks of the West and its plans for distorting and eliminating it. And to give our political leadership to those who are eligible for it, those who are aware and sincere. Who love the Ummah and it loves them, and they pray for it and it prays for them… Who, if they establish Khilafah, will shake the earth with it, and overturn the balance of power in the world. They were its fence against distortion, and its protective shield from intrigues and conspiracies.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir will continue with the number-one issue of the Muslims, in all Muslim lands, namely the establishment of the Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood. The Khilafah of all Muslims, which is not exclusive to an organization or a party or a group, or a doctrine… We will keep calling for it, defending it and revealing both cunning and machination plotted against it. Working very hard to establish it, with patience and commitment to the provisions of Al-Shara’ until Allah permits, and Allah is over all things competent.

12 Ramadan 1435 AH


Hizb ut Tahrir


Wilayah Syria


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