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Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

To Continue to Link Jordan with “the Jewish Entity” is a Heinous Crime
The Solution is to Abolish the Wadi Araba Agreement and its basis

It was announced across multiple media outlets that “the Jewish entity” will actually start supplying gas to Jordan, following the agreement signed between the two companies Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine with the Jewish entity through Nobel Energy Inc company for the supply of 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas for 15 years and worth $771 million from the Tamar field, off the coast of occupied Palestine. The national electricity company in Jordan has also signed to be supplied with gas from the Leviathan gas field worth up to $ 10 billion, which will start in 2019.

These gas fields are usurped by the Jewish entity as a result of usurping the land of Palestine, and it is known that the usurper does not have the right over what he took, and can never own it, because the Prophet (saw) said:«ولَيسَ لعِرقٍ ظالِمٍ حقٌّ»  “The one who takes the land unjustly have no right over it”. He (saw) also said: «على اليد ما أخذت حتى تؤديه» “The one who takes something unjustly, he must give it back”. (Both reports were narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi), and the purchase of usurped gas from the Jews legitimizes their usurping of Muslim land and wealth, even collaborating with them, because these fields lose the economic viability to the gas extraction companies in the case of a lack of customers, so the work in the Leviathan field was on hold until the operating companies in the field ensured the presence of customers from outside the Jewish entity.

As for the returns of these fields for the Jewish entity, according to Noble Energy’s website (in 2011 the “State of Israel” adopted the recommendations of the, Zemach Committee (the Committee on Finance study policy on oil and gas in Israel), which determined that 60% of the sale value of natural gas must be paid to the State Treasury as returns and taxes. According to the Energy Department, the State’s Treasury income in 2015 from the royalties’ revenues from natural gas is only equivalent to $186 million. Most of the revenue from the produced natural gas was from the Tamar field discovered by Noble Energy Company. It is expected that the potential share of the State be from royalties and taxes on natural gas over the next 10 years, nearly 20 billion dollars) (Noble Energy Inc. website), the Jewish entity would not have enjoyed the returns if it wasn’t for the sale of usurped gas deals.

Regarding the price of gas sold from the Tamar field to the two companies Atrab Potash and Jordan Bromine, Noble Energy says in its announcement of the sale agreement on 19/2/2014 (the price of natural gas, which was sold is based on the base price of $6.50, at least per thousand cubic feet of natural gas, with an upward trend linked to Brent crude oil prices ...), Regarding the “Leviathan” field,  Noble Energy said in a statement issued on 23/02/2017 (the rate of selling prices realized from Leviathan field in the local and regional markets is
estimated to be between $5.5 - 6 per thousand cubic feet, based on the current price of Brent crude oil, and the circumstances in which there is a fall in basic commodity prices. The pricing mechanism is protected with solid mechanisms that results in potential profits according to the higher Brent crude oil prices), and compared to global prices of natural gas in the period from October / November 2016 until January / in January 2017, which is the probable time for Potash company to start supplying the usurped gas, prices range from $2.64 to $3.41 per thousand cubic feet (according to Henry Hub Index for natural gas deals), which means that Jordan is paying in excess of the world price per thousand cubic feet imported usurped gas by no less than three dollars per thousand cubic feet.

This heinous crime is one of a series of crimes committed by the regime in Jordan, to crown its sinful relationship with the Jewish entity, it is a series of malicious projects that fall in the direction of the making Jordan a twin of “the Jewish entity”, and to link their fate together, it does not stop at the purchase of usurped gas, but it is a ring of a chain of ongoing process to link the two together, there is a land connection project between Jordan and “the Jewish entity” across a railway line, (a high-ranking Jordanian official, said in a statement exclusive to “Al-Arabi Al-Jadid”: “Israel will be implementing soon, a project of railway to link with Jordan at a cost estimated to be a billion dollars,” (Al-Arabi Al-Jadid, 16/07/2016), there is the expansion project of the joint free zone between Jordan and the Jewish entity Al-Ghad Newspaper published its report on 18/1/2017: (the economic newspaper Globus indicated that in recent days the land preparation started for the construction of a joint Jordanian Israeli trade zone at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge, ...), as well as the “Bahrain Canal “ project which will take place on Jordanian territory and will be subject to the management of a joint body between Jordan and the Jewish entity. This will give the Jewish entity additional authority over Muslim countries; the “Bahrain Canal” agreement with the Jewish entity stipulates that the “joint management body has the authority to take any decision concerning the project, including all that is contained in this Agreement ...) (As-Sabeel Newspaper 07/09/2015), and that the agreement stipulates that Jordan will buy from the Jewish entity 50 million cubic meters of Tiberius water (with all what we know of Tiberius water) at $0.43 per cubic meter on condition that 35 million cubic meters will be withdrawn by the Jewish entity of desalinated water in the Aqaba station at cost price, then we see the government boasts that Jordan is the project owner!

O Muslims in Jordan

All of these consecutives projects clearly aim to tightly link Jordan with the “Jewish entity”, which is a fruit from the outcomes of the shameful Wadi Araba agreement. This is an invalid agreement according to the Shariah, and it is not binding on the Muslims at all.  The Muslim expressed in Jordan their joy for the release of the hero soldier Ahmad Ad-Dagamsih, from prison, this shows that the public opinion in Jordan, after more than twenty-two years after the signing of the Agreement of shame, was not affected in feelings and thoughts towards the enemy, the usurping Jewish entity, despite the devilish efforts to pollute the public opinion through the school curriculum or through programs and projects of various names and forms, they all have fallen in front of the joy expressed, prompting the government to accelerate the prevention of the media from entering the village of the hero soldier due to the huge impact of the message it passes by filming the manifestations of the celebration: that the shameful Wadi Araba agreement to Muslims is worthless, it is not worth the price of the ink used to write this agreement with, and its effect is perishable, Allah willing, because the Jewish entity will inevitably perish, and its removal, Allah willing, will be by pure hands that have ablution on them, not those stained by subordination or betrayal, and did not incline towards Eastern curricula or Western ones, but the one that will follow the clear enlightened way, the method of the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him and his family, to establish the Khilafah (caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, the state of justice and mercy, the state of glory and authority, so will you work for it?



15 Jumada II 1438 AH


Hizb ut Tahrir


  Wilayah Jordan


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